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TMA membership is free, and gives full access to all the following features:

Video & scripts archive

Accessing videos. To watch the videos, select any of the large thumbnail images on the home page and click on it. Or browse the Productions page and click the Video button on one of the cards.

Scripts. When available, a text box below the video window displays the script a few lines at a time, matched to the video. Scroll down for more text. Videos with multiple scripts will include language buttons. Click them to change the text box language. The language can be changed while the video is playing or while it is paused.

Selecting a point in the video. To jump to any point in the video, click on the play bar, or drag the red status bar backward or forward.

You can also Bookmark a video clip and Annotate the video (in preparation).

Production photos, programmes, flyers (in preparation)

The ‘More details’ link at the bottom of each card on the Productions page opens a separate page for each production with photos, house programmes, flyers, rehearsal footage and interviews (where available).

Notepad (in preparation)

The Notepad attached to each video is for annotation and discussion of the performance in any language. To open the Notepad, click on ‘Notepad’. To close it, click ‘Hide’ at the bottom of the Notepad. Each note is linked to a time-code in the video.

Editor’s Notes. Notes on the original script and script translations by the TMA translators and editors are displayed when a specific line on which we have a comment is reached in the video playback.

Member Notes. Members can input their own notes: type (in any language) in the text box at the bottom of the Notepad, then click ‘Submit’. Your note will appear immediately in the Notepad and be displayed whenever the time-code at which you input your note is reached during the video playback.

Private Notes. The default setting for notes is public, i.e. visible to all. Tick the ‘Private’ box to make your note visible only to yourself. It will not be displayed to other members who view the video.

Group Notes. You can create a group to share notes among group members only. This function is useful for educational and research groups. Go to My Workspace and click ‘Apply to create a Group’ in the left navigation bar. Fill out the form and submit it to the TMA administrator for approval by clicking ‘Submit’. You will receive an e-mail with your Group Code, normally within 3 days. Share this Group Code with members of your Group. After they enter the Group Code in the Group Code box at the bottom of the Notepad, and click ‘Join’, they will see all notes left by other members of the Group, and can input their own notes for the Group to view and respond to. The Group Moderator (who created the Group) can download the full list of notes created by the Group at the link ‘Download Group Notes’ in My Workspace.